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Chimney Plate
Bespoke Chimney Plate

Ordering Bespoke Chimney Plates.

As soon as you order a bespoke plate we will manufacture the plate to your dimensions and you should recieve your plate within 3-4 days. Just provide the dimensions as listed on the diagram below. Please note, the view shown in the diagram is as though you were looking down the chimney from the roof. When ordering it is advisable to take something off the measurements of the chimney opening to allow for the chimney not being square - possibly 6mm on the width & 6mm on the length.

When ordering a folded plate allow the same again at least 6mm off the length & 6mm off the width. This type of plate is then sealed with high temperature silicone or fire cement around the edges rather like you would fit a door or window. It needs to be smaller than the apeture to allow for discrepencies.

We will make the plate to the dimensions you give to us & the angle sections will be cut to follow the overall dimensions of the plate

DIY kits come with a cutting disc for a grinder for you to trim to size. All DIY kits have flue holes central to the plate.

Heat Proof Rope.

The purpose of the glass heat proof rope is to form a seal between the flue pipe & steel collar as an alternative to sealing with fire cement or high temperature silicone sealer. The collar will be tack welded to the plate facing up into the chimney. The internal dimension of the collar will be measurement A on the diagram.

Fire cement can be used to seal any discrepencies and some can also be placed around the rope seal.

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