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Chimney Plates

Chimney register plates are used to seal your room and stop debris falling down the chimney.

Your stove installation will normally require a register plate - this is a steel plate which blanks off the space between the inside walls of the chimney and the flue pipe. Manufactured in 1.5mm or 2mm galvanised steel with galvanised steel angles or if folded option chosen no angle brakets are required - simply fix through the edges of the plate.

Chimney Plates:

Ensure maximum draw and performance by ensuring the chimney can only pull air through the stove.
Prevent heat loss by bouncing heat back into the room.
Stop draughts coming down the chimney.
Provide an access hole to view the chimney for inspection.

Please browse through the products in our shop and if there are any items that you require please do not hesitate to contact us.

Specification and Type of Chimney Plate are as follows:

Wood burning stove chimney register plates can be made from 1.5mm or 2mm galvanised steel. A 25mm high steel collar is welded to the plate for sealing the flue pipe.

An access hole 150mm x 150mm is provided for the purpose of inspection and sweeping. A mild steel galvanised plate 3mm thick is used to cover this hole, and a handle welded on one side of it uses the weight of the plate when placed through the hole to keep it in position - no hinges or catches are used as these just sieze after a period of time. It is simply turned on its side and placed through the hole diagonally then just rests on the plate.

Please note on smaller plates we may have to reduce the size of access hole and cover plate to fit your dimensions.

Also provided are 30 x 30mm angle sections pre drilled with 6mm holes to fix to inside of the chimney to form a ledge. The register plate will sit on these. If you are ordering a folded plate you will not require these.

DIY kits come with a cutting disc for a grinder for you to trim to size. All DIY kits have flue holes central to the plate.